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To Live and not to Breathe is to Die in Tragedy

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*Waves* My name is Taleah, so... Hi! :D

Things you need to know about moi include:

~*I sometimes scare myself with my own randomness
~*Catch me in a bad mood and I'll take no responsibility for my own actions. (all tho, that doesn't happen all that often. I'm a nice person, really!)
~*I'm a brunette but don't be surprised if I act like a blonde sometimes! XD
~*I stand up for what I believe in and do not hesitate arguing my opinion across.
~*I'm a loyal and loving friend... *hugs everyone*
~*I'm a huge fan of Queer as Folk and especially Brian/Michael. AWW.. they're shoo kyoot!
~*My favourite colour is Pink and I'm a Pisces.
~*My two best friends are huge majorly insane 'Parkies... So I'm learning!!

~*~Music: I live breathe sleep eat music! Green Day owns my soul. So therefore, if you don't like Green Day, The Network, The Living End, Jimmy Eat World, Three Days Grace, Eskimo Joe, Kaiser Cheifs, Foo Fighter, Arctic Monkeys... *rambles for days* or any other band I like.. Then shoo! Bye bye!!

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